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How To Unlock Hidden Dancer Class In Fire Emblem Three Houses

Three Houses has lots of exciting classes, but some are hidden away. This guide will tell you How To Unlock Hidden Dancer Class In Fire Emblem Three Houses as it’s not a class you can unlock normally, you must participate and win in a very specific event to unlock it.

Most classes in Fire Emblem Three Houses can be unlocked once you meet the requirements. However, that is not the case for all classes. The Dancer is a special class that cannot be unlocked via traditional progression, you have to complete a unique event in order to use the class yourself.

How To Unlock Hidden Dancer Class In Fire Emblem Three Houses

You cannot unlock Dancer until Chapter 9. During Chapter 9 there is a special dance event that takes place. You must win the event to unlock the Dancer class, make sure to save before you try. The event, or at least the success, is based entirely around a characters Charm (Cha) stat. As such, when you are picking your contestant, you want to pick the character in your house with the highest Cha stat.

After picking your character, you can speak with them again to do some dancing practice. That will give them a permanent +5 to Cha. You can also use special items found Gardening, participate in Tea Parties, and equip specific items and Battalions to further boost your Cha.

Finally, speak with Manuela at the Greenhouse before the event. She will give you a rough clue on the stat you require. When you speak with her, she will tell you what level of Charm won last years tournament. For me, the number was 15. I used Dimitri with 26 Charm, won no problem. However, the class is only available on that character so you may want to gamble for a lesser Charm character if you want the class for someone in specific. You also unlock a powerful Sword ability as a Dancer so best not to use it on a Spear user.

Once unlocked, you will have to “Reclass” in order to pick Dancer.

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