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How To Unlock Inner Fire (Protects Against Cold Charm) In LEGO Fortnite

Use this guide to learn How To Unlock Inner Fire (Protects Against Cold Charm) In LEGO Fortnite, which will help you survive in the cold and freezing temperatures when combined with food.

How To Unlock Inner Fire (Protects Against Cold Charm) In LEGO Fortnite

The Inner Fire Charm in LEGO Fortnite is handy, because it allows you to explore the ice place without taking any damage and, combined with food, lets you go into the ice caves and take less damage.

First, you’ll need to increase your Village level to around 5 or 6. Once you are there, you will unlock the Spinning Wheel. The Spinning Wheel is required to make all the charms – that is important.

Once you have the Spinning Wheel, you’ll be able to make Silk Thread using silk from spiders.

The rest of the ingredients for the Inner Fire Charm are a bit more difficult to obtain.

First, head over to the Desert region and find a cave. There aren’t as many caves in this region as the Grasslands area, for example.

See below for a reference picture:

Once you’re inside a cave, you’ll find all the items you need for the Inner Fire Charm:

  • Brightcore is very common; it’s the bright yellow rock you’ll see all over the caves.
  • Ruby is a bit rarer; it’s dark-red and you’ll know it when you spot it. We’ve been going for hours and found 40 rubies in all.
  • Finally, you’ll need the Blast Cores. If you remember the enemies from early on that give you the sand shells, they appear under the ground, pop up, and charge at you. The only difference with these in the caves is that they explode on you, so be careful; run until they explore, then pick up the Blast Core.

So, in summary:

  • Increase your Village Level to around 5 or 6 to unlock the Spinning Wheel
  • Use the Spinning Wheel to make Silk Thread using silk from spiders.
  • Once you get the Spinning Wheel, you can then make the Silk Thread.
  • Head to the Desert region and find a cave.
  • Ruby can be found in caves, but it is rare.
  • Blast Cores can be found from charging enemies that explode; run from them until they explode, then pick up the Blast Core.
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