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How To Unlock Jade Statue Locations in Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs from Square-Enix has been all the rage lately. The jade statues in Sleeping Dogs are important collectibles that unlock combos and strong attacks that come in handy later on in the game. There is a mission given to you after the Club Bam Bam story mission that will unlock jade statue locations on the mini map and make it much easier to find the jade statues in Sleeping Dogs. This guide will go over the Tiffany mission and at the end will show how to unlock jade statue locations in Sleeping Dogs.

After the Club Bam Bam mission you will receive Tiffany’s phone number. You might have to wait a mission or two but as soon as you get the phone number under you contacts section in your phone make sure to call it and pick up the mission. Return to Club Bam Bam and you will have to play another karaoke mini game. I chose to play Hit Me With Your Best Shot but any of them will work. Stay in the green part of the karaoke meter and you will have a nice prize. The mission will end and one of the rewards will be the jade statue locations unlock.

We will be sure to put up a video with all the jade statue locations in sleeping dogs very soon so make sure to keep checking back! Hit us up in the comments if you need any more sleeping dogs help and check out our front page for more video game guides including tons of Sleeping Dogs help.

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