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How To Unlock Lockpicking & Lockpicking Mini-Game Guide

In this guide on How To Unlock Lockpicking & Lockpicking Mini-Game Guide we explain how you can learn to pick locks with magic and provide a quick break down on the lockpicking mini-game so you can begin breaking into homes and rooms around Hogwarts and the other towns, you naughty wizard.

How To Unlock Lockpicking

You need to learn the magical spell called Alohomora. Follow the main story until you get the main story quest called The Caretakers Lunar Lament. It’s about 12-18 hours into the game, depending on your playstyle and approach, so it’s quite a ways into the game. Once you complete this quest you will have the basic level Alohomora spell, which allows you to unlock level 1 locks. You can then collect Demiguise Statues to increase your lockpicking level.

How To Picks Locks & Open Doors

The lockpicking mini-game can seem confusing at first, but it’s actually very simple. There are two sets of cogs, one in the center of the lock, and one in the bottom right. There are two orbs that you can move, a green one and a red one. The cogs in the bottom right are tied to the green orb, the central cogs are tied to the red orbs.

To start, move the green orb into any of the slots, the slot doesn’t matter, and hold it there. Then, turn the stick slowly until you see the cogs in the lower right corner begin to turn. Keep it there and don’t move it. Then, move the red orb into any of the slots, again, the slot doesn’t matter. Then rotate that stick until the cogs in the center start to move, whilst keeping the green one in place.

Wait a couple of seconds and the lock will open.

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