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How To Unlock Mana & Magic In Outward

How To Unlock Mana & Magic In Outward
So you want to learn and cast magical spells but you don’t know how? This guide will tell you How To Unlock Mana & Magic In Outward, as although it’s a relatively simple process, it can very easily be missed and magic abilities can be a huge bonus in combat.

Magic has a lot of uses in Outward but it’s more difficult to use than most other RPG’s. No single spell is very powerful. In fact, some of them will do less damage than a basic swing of your sword. However, combine these abilities and you can unleash some devastating damage and effects.

How To Unlock Mana & Magic In Outward

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Unlocking Magic is an easy but lengthy task. You need to go to a specific dungeon. In the center of the first region is a large mountain. You need to walk towards the mountain. As you get close, do not climb the mountain, you need to go inside.

Walk around to the Southern edge of the mountain. Around the South spot is a doorway into the mountain. That’s where you need to go. There’s some important events inside so I will avoid spoilers, but come prepared. Bring lots of traps, healing items and your best gear. There’s 10-15 enemies inside, some in groups of 2 and 3. When you reach the end of the dungeon, you will reach the Ley Line. This is where you can learn Spark, your first spell.

You then get a difficult choice to make, Fire Sigil or Reveal Souls?

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