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How To Unlock More Outfits In Blackwake

How To Unlock More Outfits In Blackwake
Sailing the high seas in style is ever pirates dream, right? This guide on How To Unlock More Outfits In Blackwake breaks down the basics of unlocking new cosmetics so you and your ship mates can sail around in style, dodging cannon balls and musket fire alike.

Unlocking new outfits to use follows a very simple premise that most players will be familiar with but with Steam’s sale pushing down the price to under a dollar, there’s a lot of players coming into the game that may be unfamiliar with how unlocking new items works in these sorts of games. It’s an easy process, but we’ll explain the finer details below.

How To Unlock More Outfits In Blackwake

Unlocking Outfits is as simple as leveling up. Every action you successfully complete in Blackwake rewards you with Experience Points. This includes killing enemies, damaging the enemy ship, refilling your ships supplies, making repairs, it all contributes to your Prestige Level. You start at level 0 and then, as you earn experience points, you increase in level. These are the following ranks.

  • Swabby
  • Sailor
  • Cadet
  • Midshipman
  • Master
  • Lieutenant
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Commodore
  • Admiral

As you increase in ranks, more outfits become unlocked. When you eventually reach the highest ranks, you can Prestige. This effectively resets to a new branch of the same levels, allowing you to further increase your rank and unlock additional rewards. Just check back in your Player option from the main menu whenever you hit a new rank to see what outfits are now available.

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