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How To Unlock More Skins In Iron Man VR

How To Unlock More Skins In Iron Man VR
Custom Deco’s are skins you can apply to Iron Man’s suit. This guide on How To Unlock More Skins In Iron Man VR lists all of the different skins available on the console in the game, alongside details on the objectives and challenges you must meet to unlock each skin.

Custom Deco’s are a visual only upgrade. They change the skin and design of the Iron Man suit but they do not offer any additional benefits. They all feature the same customization slots and weapon capabilities as any other armor set. They are purely skin upgrades, but some of them are pretty cool.

How To Unlock More Skins In Iron Man VR

Almost all of the skins not unlocked via pre-order are unlocked by completing certain challenges. Some require multiple missions in order to complete, such as Hostile Takeover, others can be done in a single mission if you are skilled or lucky enough to pull of the requirements. The loading between the different skins on the console can be quite lengthy and the challenges are easy to forget, so here’s a simple list you can follow in-game to unlock as many skins as you want.

Unlocked automatically

Simultaneously destroy two enemies with Repulsors, one with each hand.

Scarlet Storm
Destroy 6 enemies with a single Auxiliary Weapon shot.

Hostile Takeover
Destroy enemies with Auxiliary weapons (250 enemies total are needed)

Destroy 2 enemies with a single rocket punch

Destroy enemies with melee attacks (50 enemies total are needed)

Origin Armor
Unlocked via pre-order

Vintage Armor
Unlocked via pre-order

Silver Centurion
Unlocked via pre-order

Ultra Violet Armor
Unlocked via pre-order

Iron Patriot
Unlocked via pre-order

We’ll update the guide if we discover more skins that are available to unlock later in the game.

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