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How To Unlock Mounts In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Koboh is a huge planet and having a mount makes traveling much faster, and safer! In this guide, we explain How To Unlock Mounts In Star Wars Jedi Survivor as you will want to get this power as quickly as possible as not only does it allow for faster travel, but you need mounts to be able to access certain parts of the map and different rewards.

The primary function of mounts in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is to allow for faster travel. You don’t own a single mount like most games, instead, once you have the correct ability, you are able to mount any creatures that can be mounted from that moment on. If you need a mount you can always find one at the stables at the outpost, you can then use these mounts to travel around the map quickly and easily. The mounts also unlock a unique triple jump ability. You can jump whilst mounted and then use Cal’s double jump to jump even higher. There are many areas on Koboh that require this ability to access, unlocking new areas to explore and new treasure to find.

How To Unlock Mounts In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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To unlock mounts you must unlock the Tame ability. This is one of Cal’s Jedi abilities that you unlock as you progress through the story. It’s towards the end of the first bit of the story on Koboh where you are exploring the Nekko Pools. At the end of the Nekko Pools you are unable to escape as there are slippery slopes in every direction. Another aspect of the mounts is that they can climb the slopes that usually cause Cal to slip back down.

You unlock the tame ability here and use it to tame a creature. From that moment on, you can mount those creatures whenever you find them on Koboh. There are other mounts in the game, such as the strange beasts on Jedha, but once you have this ability, you can mount those too.

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