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How To Unlock Special Missions In Lost Ark

When you unlock your base in Lost Ark, you can send your crew off on missions. Check out this guide to find out how to unlock special missions in Lost Ark. This way your crew can help you with your farming later in the game.

How To Unlock Special Missions In Lost Ark

You can see your special mission slots pretty early, but likely won’t have any missions in there. You need to get your Station to level 2, which I think happens via the story anyways. From there you need to keep grinding the main story. You need to get to level 50 and then head to Vern.

When you get to Vern you will get a mission to help out around the city. When you get into the city properly you will get some more missions and eventually some Roster missions. One of these will be how you unlock the Chaos Dungeons in the game. This is important because your crew can do these as special missions.

As you unlock new dungeons and Chaos Dungeons, you can send your crew out to try their luck at them. They take a long time, but you can avoid farming them yourself if you send them out. Or you can do it as you sleep and come back to new gear.

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