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How To Unlock Tailored Suit Disguise In Judgment

How To Unlock Tailored Suit Disguise In Judgment
There are a number of disguises in Judgment that you can use during various parts of the story. This guide will tell you How To Unlock Tailored Suit Disguise In Judgment which is arguably one of the more stylish disguises you can find.

Before you are able to unlock the Tailored Suit, you must first progress through the main story. During Chapter 1 a story event occurs that introduces the Judgment Friends system. After you complete this introductory tutorial quest where you purchase a special figure for Tsukumo, you can begin making friends with other people around town.

How To Unlock Tailored Suit Disguise In Judgment

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Once you have unlocked the Friends feature you will notice new Friendship markers on your map. Head to Le Marche, it’s on East Showa Street on the very South Eastern side of the map. Head inside and purchase any item from the Tailor. Leave the store and return to speak with him again.

He will offer to make you a suit. Leave the store a second time and run around the street looking for a fight. Any fight will do, completing fights passes time and often unlocks the next stage of a Friend mission. Return to the tailor once again and help him sort out a “problem” customer. Once you’ve dealt with him leave the store for the third time and find another fight.

After this final fight return to the store and the tailor will inform you that your suit is ready. It’s free of charge. That’s how you unlock the Tailored Suit in Judgment.

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