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How To Unlock Taming In Atlas

How To Unlock Taming In Atlas
Taming is one of the most exciting aspects of Atlas, but it’s not available at the very start of the game. This guide will tell you How To Unlock Taming In Atlas so you can tame various wildlife you encounter, from penguins to horses. Although some are obviously more useful than others. Not sure you can ride a penguin.

If you have played ARK: Survival Evolve, the taming in Atlas works in a similar fashion. You can tame various animals that, once tamed, become under your control. You can use some to travel quicker, others to gather materials, some just to transport large loads across long distances.

How To Unlock Taming In Atlas

You need to reach Level 2 with your character. Once you are level 2 you need to purchase Tools of the Trade, Hand-to-Hand Combat and Beast Mastery from the Survivalist tree. Once you have these abilities a new tree unlocks.

On the Beast Mastery tree you can learn to ride a use, give commands to tamed creatures and Tame. Unlock the Tame ability and you will be able to Tame creatures.

Found a creature or animal in Atlas that you want to make your own? This How To Tame Creatures On Atlas guide will cover a very simple but effective technique at taming creatures you encounter with methods that work well on both PvE and PvP servers.
So you've claimed your territory, begun building a house but there's no doorframe? This guide will tell you How To Place Doors In Atlas, which uses a very simple toggle mechanic in the game that lets you switch out between the different items you can craft.
So you've finally built a raft and headed out to the open sea, but you're going the wrong way. This guide will tell you How To Control & Change Raft & Boat Direction In Atlas, as although it's a very simple system, if you don't know where to look, it can be confusing.
Stuck at level 8 in Lawless or Freeport zones in Atlas? This guide will tell you How To Get Past Level 8 In Atlas as restrictions are in place that limit the amount of experience points you earn and the levels you can reach in the starter areas, known as Freeports and Lawless zones.

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