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How To Unlock The Breeding Pen In Hogwarts Legacy

The Breeding Pen allows you to breed your Magical Beasts. In this guide on How To Unlock The Breeding Pen In Hogwarts Legacy we’ll explain how to unlock it as the in-game information tells you that you can purchase the Breeding Pen from a particular shop, but that shop never seems to have it in stock.

When you check your conjuring recipes, it often tells you that you can buy the required recipe from Tomes and Scrolls, a specialty bookshop in Hogsmead that acts as the central location to buy most of the Conjuring spells you can buy. However, there is no way to increase its stock, it’s not on a random rotation or anything similar, in order to unlock the Breeding Pen as an item you can buy in Tomes and Scrolls, you need to complete a specific quest.

How To Unlock The Breeding Pen In Hogwarts Legacy

Follow the main story until the main story quest is called “Stop Ranrok and Rookwood”, that’s much easier to write than it is say it aloud. Once you have that main story quest, make sure you have completed all of Deeks quests in the Room of Requirement. He’ll ask you to check in on a fellow House Elf friend and a few other quests. If you are up to date with Deeks quests, you will get a message asking you to return to him and learn about breeding.

The quest is called Foal of the Dead. During this quest, it’s a simple one with everything on the map, Deek will ask you to buy the Breeding Pen. You can then find the Breeding Pen at Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmead.

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