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How To Unlock The Coin Arena In Greedfall

The Coin Arena in Greedfall is the first arena you can unlock. It is not labeled on the map and you can easily slide right on by if you aren’t looking int he right spot. Check out this guide to find out how to unlock the Coin Arena in Greedfall.

How To Unlock The Coin Arena In Greedfall

You can unlock the Coin Arena as soon as you get to New Serena. When you get to New Serena, run through the town until you come across building called the Coin Tavern. Speak to the Barkeep about what is going on down in the basement and he will mention earning some coin. Go to the stairs and pay the 25 gold entrance fee and then go down. In the corner there are a pair of double wooden doors that leads to your first arena. Inside you will be able to fight multiple enemies until you are the champion. In order to get paid you must become the champion, this means you have to beat five challenges in a row equaling 15 fights. I highly recommend traps and bullets here, they are a game changer with the large groups of enemies. I don’t have any magic so I am not sure how well that would work. You CAN leave mid challenge and come back and start off right where you left off as well.

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