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How To Unlock The Gardener In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Wondering Where To Recruit The Gardener?

The Gardener allows you to plant more seeds and unlock more items in your garden. In this guide on How To Unlock The Gardener In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, we’ll explain how you can unlock Pili, a gardener who will help expand your garden so you can grow additional crops.

Throughout your journey in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you can encounter characters that will join you at the cantina. Some will require you to finish a mission or perform a small favor, but most will join you freely as your goals align with theirs. The Gardener is one of these characters. Once you have recruited the gardener you can begin unlocking additional plots of garden to plant your seeds. This allows you to plant more seeds, grow your garden quicker, and then gain access to the rewards from gardening.

How To Unlock The Gardener In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

You need to follow the main story until it takes you to Jedha. After some time on Jedha you will be tasked with heading to Pilgrim’s Sanctuary. This is a story mission and you cannot miss it. Towards the end of that mission you will reach the Blustery Mesa. As you climb up to the Blustery Mesa you will encounter a strange creature called Pili, sitting behind a desk surrounded by plants and flowers.

Simply approach Pili and speak with her. She is one of the many characters you can recruit.

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