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How To Unlock The Sujimon League In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

The Sujimon League is one of Infinite Wealth’s most exciting mini-games. In this guide on How To Unlock The Sujimon League In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth we’ll break down how long it takes to progress far enough into the story to unlock the Sujimon League mini-game, a game that challenges you to collect, raise, and fight with Pokemon-like people in an epic battle against the Discreet Four.

There are over 134 unique Sujimon to capture, level, and battle with in Infinite Wealth’s Sujimon League. Taking clear inspiration from popular Pokemon titles, this exciting mini-game offers a familiar story as Kasuga battles through various gym leaders in an effort to become the champion and return honor to the league.

How To Unlock The Sujimon League

If you’re anything like me, this is likely one of the main reasons you were excited to play Infinite Wealth. Sujimon can level up, evolve, learn new moves, there’s gacha mechanics, it’s the perfect mini-game. Thankfully, and unlike unlocking Dondoko Island, you don’t have to wait too long to unlock the Sujimon League mini-game.

Follow the main story until you reach Honolulu in Hawaii. This happens during the beginning of Chapter 2, just a few hours into the game. Once you have arrived in Honolulu you will receive a strange call that will begin Substory 2: Sujimon, Generation II.

Following and completing this Substory will then have the Sujimon League app added to your phone and you can begin exploring the fun and excitement of the Sujimon League mini-game.

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