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How To Unlock Trade Skills (Crafting) In Lost Ark

If you want to use crafting you need to obtain Trade Skills. This guide on How To Unlock Trade Skills (Crafting) In Lost Ark will tell you how you can unlock the games huge crafting system as it’s not immediately available at the start of the game and the Trade Skills menu (L) is initially grayed out.

Lost Ark boasts a crafting system spread across 6 Trade Skills including Foraging, Logging, Mining, Hunting, Fishing, and Excavating. Each Trade Skill has a unique progression tree where you earn experience points and unlock new skills for each Trade Skill. Each of the Trade Skills gathers materials for certain crafting tasks such as ship building, cooking, and other tasks.

How To Unlock Crafting In Lost Ark

If you want to unlock Crafting in Lost Ark you need to follow the main story until you reach Lakebar Village. The main story quest will take you here, so you cannot miss it if you are following the main campaign. It’s about 8-10 hours into the game, depending on how you progress and whether or not you participate in a lot of the side content.

Once you reach Lakebar Village you will start a quest chain called Crown of Lakebar. You need to contact some merchants and crafters to make a crown. During this quest chain you will unlock Trade Skills. You can access the Trade Skills menu with the (L) key. Once you have Trade Skills unlocked, you will also get a Guide Quest. Follow the Guide Quest for a basic introduction to the crafting system.

  • In Lost Ark the crafting system is called Trade Skills
  • If you want to unlock the crafting system you need to progress through the main story for about 8-10 hours
  • When you reach Lakebar Village you will start the Crown of Lakebar quest chain
  • Partway through the quest you will unlock the Crafting system and can begin using Trade Skills
  • You open the Trade Skills menu with L and equip your tools there
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