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How To Unlock Warfarer Vocation In Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Wayfarer Class Is Probably The Best Vocation In The Game

The master of all weapons, the Warfarer, is one of the strongest Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2. In this guide we’ll walk you through the process of unlocking this powerful new class, one that’s only available to the Arisen.

Where To Find The Warfarer Class

A map showing Where To Find The Warfarer Class

In order to unlock the Warfarer Class you first need to locate Lamond, an ex-Arisen who failed to defeat his dragon. He spends much of his days at the Volcanic Island Camp Hot Springs, a location popular in the region for soothing wounds and pains.

He sits outside the front of the Hot Springs, drinking his days away. When you approach and speak with him for the first time, you will unlock the side quest The Sotted Sage. Once you have found Lamend and begun the quest, it’s just a matter of completing the quest to unlock the Vocation.

How To Unlock The Warfarer Class

How To Unlock The Warfarer Class

To unlock the Warfarer Vocation, you must complete the side quest Sotted Sage. This is a very simple, if somewhat time-consuming side quest, where you need to find and deliver Newt Liqueur, about 3-5 bottles should do the trick.

You can craft your own Newt Liqueur using the in-game combination system by combining 1x Fruit Wine and 1x Saurian Tail, although Fruit Wine itself is also quite rare.

You can find some Newt Liqueur at Gautstafr’s House, the friendly dwarf who you help nurse back to health during the side quest Put A Spring In Thy Step. Furthermore, if you venture to the Laboratorium Chemical Stores in the Forbidden Magick Research lab beneath the Flamebearer Palace, you can find another bottle there

Why The Warfarer Vocation Is The Best Vocation In The Game

Why The Warfarer Class Is The Best Vocation In The Game

The Warfarer Vocation is probably the best Vocation in the game, for most players. You use the Vocation’s Rearmament ability to switch between various equipped weapons. This allows you to equip any weapon from any other Vocation.

You can then assign up to three total additional abilities, typically tied to the Vocation’s weapons in which you have equipped, allowing you to combo between different weapon types and classes. Each weapon is automatically given all of the Core Skills you have unlocked for that Vocation. It’s a very potent Vocation and one that rewards completionists most, as having access to more Weapon & Core skills across the Warfarer Vocation just makes it more powerful.

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