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How To Unlock Warrior In Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins

Before You Can Unlock The Warrior Job, You Must Do This

Warrior is one of the many Jobs in Strange of Paradise. This guide on How To Unlock Warrior In Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins explains the process of unlocking the Warrior job so you can utilize new and powerful defensive abilities, such as the opportunity to heal yourself in combat.

Unlocking new jobs in Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins can seem a little confusing at first. A Warrior is a perfect example to start with. If you look at the Swordsman Job tree and scroll to the very bottom, you will see the Warrior icon, it’s a helmet with two horns. You need to progress through the Swordsman Job until you have enough points to unlock New Job: Warrior. However, that is not enough.

How To Unlock Warrior In Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins

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When highlighting the New Job: Warrior unlock, you will notice that there are two requirements. One is the icon for Swordsman, the other is a different icon. A sword with a slashing style icon. This icon represents the Ronin Job, the precursor to the Samurai Job. So in order to unlock the Warrior Job, you also need to unlock the New Job: Warrior unlock from the Ronin tree.

You can unlock the Ronin job by going to the story mission “The Journey Begins” in Pravoka Seagrot. This isn’t very fast into the game. Once you are on that mission follow the story until you reach the large pirate ship area. There is a save point nearby, you can’t miss it. Near the save point is a chest that contains a weapon called Genbu.

This is a Ronin weapon. Equip the Ronin weapon and then either use Anima Shards to level it up or fight as normal. You will need 8 job points to unlock the Warrior Job. Once it has been unlocked in both Ronin and Swordsman, you unlock the Warrior Job.

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