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How To Upgrade Base Of Operations In The Division 2

How To Upgrade Base Of Operations In The Division 2
Your Base of Operations, The Whitehouse, has valuable and important upgrades in The Division 2. This guide will explain How To Upgrade Base Of Operations In The Division 2 as there are several different parts of your Base of Operations that can be expanded and improved throughout the game.

The Base of Operations is different to upgrading settlements via Projects. Instead, it is only viable to be upgraded through completing certain missions. Upgrading the Base of Operations provides visual upgrades throughout and often allows you to recruit additional members of staff.

How To Upgrade Base Of Operations In The Division 2

The first Base of Operations upgrade occurs automatically through progressing of the main story, this is done by completing Main Missions. As you continue through the game, you will get another opportunity to complete more missions to upgrade your Base of Operations. You need to ensure, whenever you arrive at a new Settlement, and when you liberate an area, you get all of the side mission for that region. Then simply check the mission on the map and it will tell you whether you will receive a Base of Operations upgrade.

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