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How To Upgrade Burgage Plots In Manor Lords

You Will Need To Carefully Manage Vital Resources

Upgrading Burgage Plots is the key component to increasing your Settlement Level and unlocking more Development points. As such, it’s important to understand the upgrading process and how to fix some of the problems.

The actual process of upgrading a Burgage Plot is very simple. You simply select the Burgage Plot and then hit the upgrade option. Easy, eh?

Well, that’s until you take into account the various requirements needed for a Burgage Plot to reach the upgrade status. In the guide below, we’ll break down each Burgage Plot by level and the requirements needed.

Burgage Plot Level 1-2 Upgrade

An image showing the player the requirements for upgrading a Burgage Plot from level 1 to level 2, in the game Manor Lords

In order to upgrade a Burgage Plot from level 1 to level 2, you are going to need Water Access and Church Amenities, and then Fuel, Food, and Clothing Stall Supply.

Water Access is very simple. Make sure you construct a well on an underground water source somewhere in your region. Any location will fulfill the requirements but the location is still important.

Your villagers will have to physically travel to the Well and then back home each time they need water, so it’s a good idea to place a Well near the majority of your Burgage Plots.

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Church Level is also a very simple requirement. Build a Church anywhere in your region and this requirement is marked off, you do not need to have a Family assigned to the Church.

Then we have the Stall Supplies requirements, which can be more challenging. Fuel Supply requires a Woodcutters Lodge, with Families assigned, to gather Firewood which is then sold at the Marketplace.

Bonus Tip

When building your Burgage Plots, try to create a centralized area around your water source and Marketplace. This will greatly increase productivity as your Families spend less time seeking resources and gain full benefit of the Marketplace.

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Food Stall Supply, for the level 1-2 Burgage Plot upgrade, requires two different food types at the Marketplace. This is most easily achieved with Eggs from Chicken Coops and Vegetables from Vegetable Gardens, these are both Burgage Plot expansion upgrades.

Clothing Stall Supply requires enough supply on the Marketplace for each Burgage Plot. By far the easiest method to achieve this for the level 1-2 upgrade is to farm sheep.

Create a Pasture, construct a Livestock Trading Post, and import some Sheep. Then simply build a Sheep Farm to shear the sheep for Wool and then a Weaver Workshop to turn the Wool into Yarn.

The Yarn is one of the many items that works as a Clothing Stall Supply item.

Burgage Plot Level 2-3 Upgrade

An image showing the player the requirements for upgrading a Burgage Plot from level 2 to level 3, in the game Manor Lords

Upgrading from Burage Plot Level 2 to Level 3, works similarly. The Water Access requirement doesn’t change and the additional Church Level requirement is as simple matter of selecting your Church and upgrading it to level 2.

The Tavern Requirement is a new one introduced in this level. To achieve that, simply build a Tavern. It does need a supply of Ale in order for the Tavern Supply requirement to be checked.

Ale can be hard to obtain because of the farming requirements, but the easiest option is simply to Import Barley at the Trading Post and use a Brewery Expansion on a Level 2 Burgage Plot to turn the Barley into Ale.

This won’t be enough to keep your Tavern supplied 100% of the time, but it is enough that you can time it correctly and upgrade a bunch of Burgage Plots once the Tavern has a few Ales stored inside.

An image showing where they can find the Charcoal Burning Development upgrade to increase Fuel Stall Supply in the game Manor Lords

Then we return to the Fuel, Food, and Clothing Stall Supplies. This is identical to the previous level, except you need higher variety. If you’re struggling with Fuel Stall Supply, consider the “Charcoal Burning” development upgrade and build Charcoal Kilns.

For more Food Stall Supply types, either find new sources of food in your region or use the Trading Post to import them.

Clothing Stall Supply is a little easier. You can convert a couple of Level 2 Burgage Plots into Cobbler’s Shop, this provides shoes for your region.

Then, depending on the resources available in your region, you can build a Tailor’s Shop level 2 Burgage Plot upgrade and craft Clothes, Gambesons, or Cloaks.

I Have All The Requirements, But It Says I Do Not

An image showing players an example of the game telling them they have the required resources to upgrade a Burgage Plot, but they cannot upgrade. For the game, Manor Lords

If you look at the image above, you can see the Requirements report for two different Burgage Plots. The Burgage Plot on the left is Level 3 and the one on the right is Level 2.

The Level 3 Burgage Plot clearly shows that it has Food Stall Supply level 4, which means it has regular access to a Marketplace that features 4 unique types of foods.

The Level 2 Burgage Plot shows that it only has Food Stall Supply Level 2, which means it only has acess to 2 unique types of food. So what’s this all about?

This is in relation to the distribution ability of the Marketplace. It’s important to build the Marketplace in as central a location as possible and surround it with Burgage Plots.

If you have a Burgage Plot similar to my Level 2 Burgage Plot above, it simply means it is too far from the Marketplace to benefit from some of the supplies in smaller number.

In order to upgrade Burgage Plots that are further from the Marketplace, you will need a much higher number of each variety of food, fuel, or clothing.

Any questions, throw down a comment below or reach out to me on Twitter.

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