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How To Upgrade Campfire To Purify Water In Metal Gear Survive

How To Upgrade Campfire To Purify Water In Metal Gear Survive
Food and water are vital to your survival but you need Campfire and Hanging Pot. This guide will tell you How To Upgrade Campfire To Purify Water In Metal Gear Survive so you can make clean water whenever you need to fill up your hydration so you can avoid getting sick and infections from dirty water.

Keeping your thirst quenched is very important in Metal Gear Survive. If you let it drop too low, it greatly impacts your stamina. A low thirst count will restrict the maximum stamina you can regenerate and also impact your recovery rate and stamina pool. This can be incredibly dangerous when you are investigating areas within the smoke so you want to keep a clean source of water with you at all times.

Early on in the game this can be a difficult goal. All of the water you find is dirty and the only place to clean it is at the campfire. However, you will notice when attempting to clean water at the campfire you are unable to do so until you have a Campfire and Hanging Pot.

This is the advanced version of the cooking station. You must progress through the story until you unlock the Wormhold Generator at your base of operations. This will then allow you to open your construction menu at your base and then build the new Campfire and Hanging Pot.

That’s How To Upgrade Campfire To Purify Water In Metal Gear Survive. Now you can learn how to clean water and ensure your stamina remains in top shape.

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