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How To Upgrade Prosperity In Far Cry New Dawn

How To Upgrade Prosperity In Far Cry New Dawn
Far Cry New Dawn introduces a new base mechanic that allows you to upgrade facilities for more features and options. This How To Upgrade Prosperity In Far Cry New Dawn will explain the basics of upgrading Prosperity and the surrounding facilities to unlock more crafting options.

Once you have completed the starting tutorial, you can search for people to bring back to Prosperity and upgrade the facilities. You need Ethanol to upgrade anything inside the base, so make sure you grab as much of it as possible.

How To Upgrade Prosperity In Far Cry New Dawn

Prosperity is the name of your homebase as a whole. There are a number of facilities inside Prosperity, but the Prosperity level is tied to its own section. When you upgrade facilities, such as the Weapon Workbench, you can craft higher quality items and weapons.

However, the level of each facility is restricted based on the level of Prosperity. Head into the main hub of Prosperity and check the post. You will see the current level and what’s required. For example, when you start you can only upgrade facilities to level 1. To upgrade them further, you need to upgrade Prosperity to level 2.

To do this, you need to save Thomas Rush, find 3 specialists and upgrade 2 facilities. You can check the requirements to upgrade Prosperity inside the camps main building.

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