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How To Upgrade & Repair The Amulet In God Of War Ragnarok

Upgrading your Amulet allows you to store more powerful Enchantments and sets. This guide on How To Upgrade The Amulet In God Of War Ragnarok explains how you can repair the broken slots of the Amulet so you’re able to equip more Enchantments that you can find whilst you’re exploring the game.

Much like upgrading your weapons and armor, if you want to upgrade your Amulet, which includes repairing broken slots, you must be at a Blacksmith. You can find the two Dwarves at home but they nearly always have various shops on each of the different planes you visit. If you haven’t seen one in a while just continue and before long you’ll either find a new shop or be at a Mystic Gate to return home and upgrade your Amulet.

How To Upgrade The Amulet In God Of War Ragnarok

Upgrading or repairing the Amulet is a lot harder than weapons or armor because you need an incredibly rare ingredient, you need Jewels Of Yggdrasil. We are about 20 hours into the game and so far we have only found a single Jewels Of Yggdrasil, which suggests they are both very rare and very hard to track down.

Whilst God of War has a big game world, it’s not as huge as some open-world games and it’s very carefully segmented into areas on each plane. As such, exploring every nook and cranny isn’t all that difficult, just a bit time-consuming. If you want to upgrade your Amulet, it’s best to focus on the legendary chests and hard-to-reach areas to find more Jewels Of Yggdrasil.

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