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How To Upgrade The Bike In Pokemon Sword & Shield

The Rotom Bike can be upgrade to let you ride over water in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Check out this guide to find out how to upgrade the bike in Pokemon Sword & Shield. You can access new areas with the upgraded bike.

How To Upgrade The Bike In Pokemon Sword & Shield

In order to upgrade the bike, you will have to get to Route 9. Route 9 is after you beat the Rock Gym after Route 8. Keep heading down Route 9 until you run into Team Yell.

Bike upgrade location Pokemon Sword & shield

Here you will have to face off with one of the Team Yell members and their two Pokemon. The bike is there as well and for helping him he will upgrade the bike so it can go on water. He calls the it land mode and water mode, depending on where you are using it. Now you can head back to the wild area if you want and access the water areas of the map you couldn’t get to before. Just watch out for the high level water Pokemon waiting to attack you.

UPDATE: If you want to upgrade the turbo on your bike, you can speak with the Watts Trader at the bottom of the stairs that lead to Motostoke in the Wild Area. If I recall correctly, it can be upgraded three times. 1000 Watts, 3000 Watts, 5000 Watts. Once you have reached end-game, you get 2,000 Watts per active Den so it’s a good idea to wait until then.

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