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How To Upgrade Tools In ASKA

Upgrading Tools Unlocks Higher Tier Resources

Tools play a vital role in your progression through ASKA thanks to a traditional survival-game tiered resources system. The basic tools you unlock at the start of the game will only allow you to harvest the most basic of resources.

If you want to gather higher value resources, new resources that unlock additional buildings and upgrades, you will need to unlock higher tiered tools.

What You Need To Know

At the beginning of the game, you have access to the most basic of tools. These include Stone Axe, Stone Pickaxe, Stone Knife, Wood Hammer, Wood Hoe, and Wood Rake.

In order to craft the next tier of tools, you need to construct a Workshop. You can find the Workshop under the Advanced Construction menu, it’s called the Workshop Pit.

Bonus Tip – Be Careful Building The Workshop

The Workshop is an integral part of ASKA, it’s one of the most important buildings you will ever add to your village. This is because much of the games progression, such as crafting Metal Tools and Armor, requires Workshop Addons.

As such, make certain when placing the initial Workshop building that you have ample space on either side for a single Addon on both ends of the building.

How To Unlock Higher Tier Tools

Once the Workshop has been built you need to upgrade it to the Workshop Hut. This unlocks additional crafting recipes. These include the more advanced farming tools, and the Large Stone Axe and Large Stone Pickaxe.

You can then begin crafting the next tier of tools.

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