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How To Use A Weapon With Two Hands In Elden Ring

Equipping a weapon with both hands in Elden Ring is a little more tricky than it should be. Check out this guide to find out how to use a weapon with two hands in Elden Ring. This way you can hit harder and kill your enemies faster.

How To Use A Weapon With Both Hands In Elden Ring

When you start in Elden Ring you will only have one hand on a weapon and another hand on a shield or magic casting object. To equip your weapon in both hands, you will need to hold either Triangle or Y on your controller. From there with the next menu open, press the right bumper or R1 (whichever is your quick attack for that hand) and you will grab the weapon with two hands instead of one.

Now you do the same thing to make it go back to a one handed weapon. You can do it with your left weapon/shield as well, just use the button you would use to attack with that when you have Y or Triangle held. It doesn’t improve the damage on your spells, but you can have a shield with two hands this way if you want. Then press the same combo of buttons to get it back in one hand if you are done with it.

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