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How To Use Agile And Strong Style Moves In Pokemon Arceus

New move styles have been introduced in Pokemon Arceus, but it isn’t clear how to use them. Check out this guide to find out how to use Agile and Strong style moves in Pokemon Arceus. This way you can strategize a little better during your battles.

How To Use Agile And Strong Style Moves In Pokemon Arceus

To fill up your Pokedex for some Pokemon, you will have to use Agile and Strong Style moves. As you play and progress, your Pokemon will level up and gain new moves. If you keep old moves they will eventually master the old moves. When a move is mastered, you can then use it as Agile or Strong style in combat.

When you have mastered a move you can then use the right or left trigger on the move to make it Agile or Strong style. Agile will generally make you go first but at the cost of damage. Strong style makes you hit harder but you move slower, so you normally go second. You’ll have to do both for some of the Pokedex entries, so use what you want. This will use 2 PP points per move instead of 1, so be wary of spamming Strong and Agile style.

You can master multiple moves, so keep grinding and you will eventually be able to use Strong and Agile Style on your best attacks.

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