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How To Use Ashes Of War In Elden Ring

The Ashes of War are basically your weapon skills in Elden Ring. Check out this guide to find out how to use Ashes of War in Elden Ring. This way you can buff your weapons and use different skills to combo your attacks.

How To Use Ashes Of War In Elden Ring

Using the Ashes of War themselves is easy. You just need to hit the left trigger or L2 on your controller and you will use it. It takes your mana and some of them are lame, so you might not think it is even a skill. You can see your current Ashe of War right above your flasks on the bottom left of the screen.

To equip new ones you need to get the magic Whetstone from the ruins. We have a guide here for that.

When you have that you can change your Ashes of War at any Shrine of Grace. You can equip them and change what type of weapon you have as well. Change them to different types to see what scales best with your stats, or use a holy one for extra holy damage. Keep trying different things until you find the skill you like and go for it.

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