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How To Use Henrietta’s Map To Find The Treasure

Henrietta has another treasure map for you to find in Hogwarts Legacy. Check out this guide to find out How To Use Henrietta’s Map To Find The Treasure. This way you can get some more loot and more cash.

How To Use Henriettas Map To Find The Treasure

The map is found here on the map.

Henriettas map location hogwarts legacy

Then you have to head here on the map, near the bottom.

Take the stairs outside down to the dungeon below. The first room requires you to light both the unlit braziers. Move the cubes to match the symbols and use the spell that matches the cube. This will open the door and lead to the reason we are here, the griffon statue.

We need to light the right braziers in order to get the reward. If you need to unlight a brazier you can use your freeze spell. You can use the picture below or the one from your inventory. The one pointing towards the door is the very bottom one on the picture.

griffon puzzle

After that you can grab your reward and move on. If you are in this place for Rococo, we have a guide to complete it right here.

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