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How To Use Hot Springs In RE: Legend

How To Use Hot Springs In RE Legend
Noticed that the hot springs don’t do much at your farm? This guide explains How To Use Hot Springs In RE Legend as they are a fantastic method of replenishing all of your SP for free, and very quickly.

After the introductory quests in RE: Legend, you are given your very own farm. This acts as your central hub of operations, allowing you to farm items, cook items, and do a lot of other exciting and rewarding activities.

How To Use Hot Springs In RE Legend

You may notice, during the tour given by the Mayor, that the hot springs he gets so excited about, well, they don’t appear to do anything. That’s true, at least at first. You need to destroy the large blue rock. It doesn’t go down easily.

You’ll need to swing at it with your pick axe, a lot. It took me about 50-60 SP in order to destroy the rock. Once it is destroyed, the hot springs fills with water. You can now rest in the water to replenish all of your stats quickly, and for free.

And that’s How To Use Hot Springs In RE: Legend.

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