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How To Use Hyper Drive In No Man’s Sky

How To Use Hyper Drive In No Man's Sky
When you start off in No Man’s Sky you won’t be able to use Hyper Drive. In order to use Hyper Drive you will have to get a Warp Drive to power the systems. Check out this guide to figure out How To Use Hyper Drive In No Man’s Sky.

How To Get Warp Drives In No Man’s Sky

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After you repair your ship you will be given the option to leave your starter planet. I would recommend sticking around and earning some units before you leave because you will need at least 50k units to get the Hyper Drive up and running. When you get up to space is when you will start building up for the Warp Drives. Use the down arrow on the d-pad to open up the star map. Make sure you use the right stick to select the system next to you and warp over there. You can use R1 and L1 to make this trip go by much quicker.

When you pop out of hyper drive you should be near a space station and a new planet. Use your scanner in space to unlock a beacon down on the planet near you. You will need to head down to the planet and use that to find an outpost on that planet. Go to the outpost down there and you will get the recipe for Warp Drives, the outpost can be under water as well. After that, go up to the space station and spend your hard-earned Units on some Antimatter and you can craft your first Warp Drive. You craft is by going into your suit menu and using square to craft it. Use the Warp Drive on your Hyper Drive system and you will be able to jump systems again. The next system you jump to will give you the recipe for Antimatter so you don’t have to keep buying it.

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