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How To Use Keys In Dragon Quest Builders 2

How To Use Keys In Dragon Quest Builders 2
Stuck on the “That’s not the right key” prompt? This guide will tell you what do to with and How To Use Keys In Dragon Quest Builders 2 as a seemingly simple system is actually more complex that you may realize, leaving a lot of frustration as you explore the ancient temple in Khrumbul-Dun.

During your exploration of Khrumbul-Dun, you encounter a simple puzzle. Once solved, you are rewarded with a key. Your ally tells you to check the nearby door but you will get a message saying “That’s not the right key”, however, it is indeed the right key.

How To Use Keys In Dragon Quest Builders 2

There are different colored locks in this area. The first key you have unlocks silver locks, which is the color of the lock directly opposite the puzzle. You need to have the key on your hotbar and physically selected. Then, when you press the button to open the door, it will open.

The same applies to other keys you discover.

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