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How To Use Potions In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

How To Use Potions In Final Fantasy 7 Remake
The short FF7 Remake demo has arrived and with it, the first mission to blow up Mako Reactor 1. This guide on How To Use Potions In Final Fantasy 7 Remake tells you how to use healing items, ethers, and over valuable items as it’s a little different from the norm.

During the beginning battles of the Mako Reactor 1 mission, the game tutorial explains how to open the item menu in your inventory so that you can check what items you have available to use. However, it does not explain how to use items and you cannot use items from the inventory screen. It can only be done by using the in-game Command Menu. The Command Menu is only available if you are in combat or are running around exploring – it’s not available if you are in the main menu or the game is paused.

How To Use Potions In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

How To Use Potions In Final Fantasy 7 Remake
It’s a simple process but one that you may have overlooked. When you are in the game world exploring or fighting, press X. This opens the Command Menu. If you are in combat when you open the Command Menu, the games speed will slow.

From there simply navigate through the interface to reach the item menu. From here you can use any items that your team has on them.

  • Make sure you are not in the menu or pause screens
  • When in combat or exploring the game world, press X for the Command Menu
  • Once inside the Command Menu, press Down to reach the Items Menu
  • This shows a list of items you can use
  • Select the item you wish to use from the Item Menu and press X

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