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How To Use Smoke Bombs In Gotham Knights

Learning how to use Smoke Bombs is vital if you want to improve your stealth approach. This guide on How To Use Smoke Bombs In Gotham Knights goes over the basics of how Smoke Bombs work, when it’s best to use them, and how to use them to be as effective as possible.

In Gotham Knights the stealth system works alongside a detection system used by the enemies. If the enemy has a red icon above their head, they have discovered you and are currently engaged in combat. If it’s yellow or orange, they are actively looking for you after hearing or seeing something suspicious. Otherwise, they are blissfully unaware that they are about to get killed by a hero stalking the shadows. The Smoke Bombs act as a reset to these detection stages. If an enemy is red and you use a smoke bomb, it turns orange.

How To Use Smoke Bomb In Gotham Knights

As well as distracting enemies, it also allows you to use stealth attacks to knock them out as well. Smoke Bombs are very easy to use, whatever platform you are playing on. You simply need to press the grapple hook button twice when you are aiming at a surface with the grapple hook icon.

This will activate the smoke bomb and instantly grapple hook you away.

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