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How To Use Sonar In Lost Ark

Sonar is a special Trade Skill ability that unlocks once you unlock crafting. This guide on How To Use Sonar In Lost Ark will tell you how you can use the Sonar skill to detect relics and buried treasures that can be obtained through the Excavating Skill.

The crafting system in Lost Ark, known as Trade Skills, is quite unique with regards to how involved it is. This is particularly true for the Excavating craft. Whereas Fishing, Logging, Mining, and Foraging only requires the use of a single tool or skill, Excavating actually requires using two different skills together. Let me explain.

How To Use Sonar In Lost Ark

Open your Trade Skill bar with (B). This alternates between your combat hot bars at the bottom of the screen and your Trade Skill hot bars. You will see two different abilities there. Sonar and Relic Search. These are the two abilities you will need to use to make Sonar function correctly.

Activate Sonar, the default key is A on the trade skill hot bar, and run around a map. Note, not all maps feature relics so it’s best to go to Battlebound Plains to get some experience before you go any further. Put your Sonar on and if you’re near a Relic, it will start to provide audio clues based on how close you are. When you get really close the ping will get louder and in quicker bursts, and the Sonar ring also turns a dark blue, as opposed to the regular light blue.

This is when you need to activate Relic Search. This will ping the immediate area. Give it a second or two and you will notice an area on the ground highlighted. Approach and use the interact button to dig it up.

  • To use Sonar you need to be on a map that has Excavation points. Battlebound Plains is a great place to start and learn
  • Once you’re on Battlebound Plains activate Sonar and explore the map
  • Follow the pings. It gets faster if you’re going in the right direction
  • When the pings are fast and the ring turns dark blue, use Relic Search skill (default R)
  • Find the spot the Relic Search pinged and dig up the item
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