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How To Use The Glider In Dying Light 2

The glider is one of the best forms of travel in the game. In this guide on How To Use The Glider In Dying Light 2 we’ll explain the mechanics of the glider, when it’s unlocked, and how you can get the maximum out of gliding across the city skyline.

The Glider is unlocked through story progress. It can be unlocked relatively early but it depends on how much exploring and side content you complete. You can probably reach the location in 8-10 hours of progress if you focus primarily on the story. The glider is not available until you reach The Central Loop, this is the second region in the game. You can’t miss it, the glider is a tool everyone gets, so just follow the main story and you will unlock it before too long.

How To Use The Glider In Dying Light 2

Using the glider is a bit of a mixed bag. As the name suggests, it glides, doesn’t fly, and it’s entirely based on your stamina. When you are in the air, whether you’ve jumped or not simply press Square (PS) or X (Xbox) and Aiden will put out the glider. You need to immediately hold down otherwise you will begin plummeting towards the ground. This works for a fast descent but typically you want to travel long distances so remember to hold down as soon as you activate the glider.

The further you travel, the more your stamina drains. Unfortunately, at least at the lower levels, you cannot travel very far. There are vents around the system, huge fans that push air up into the sky, that can be used to extend the travel distance. If you glide over a fan while using the glider you will get a boost to your altitude and your stamina instantly refills. Unfortunately, you do have to get quite low for the vents to be effective.

  • The glider allows you to fly across the tall buildings of the city
  • You unlock the glider by progressing through the main story until you reach the Central Loop
  • Once unlocked, you activate the glider with Square/X and down, then you can glide
  • Once your stamina runs out you will be forced to land but will not take any damage doing so
  • Upgrading the glider gives you access to altitude control and longer glide times
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