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How To Use The Purple Blocks With Round Holes In LEGO Bricktales

Wondering what to do with the small purple bricks with a tiny hole? This guide on How To Use The Purple Blocks With Round Holes In LEGO Bricktales will tell you where you need to go and how far you need to progress before you unlock a new ability that allows you to interact with these strange blocks.

You will see these unique purple blocks scattered throughout every world in LEGO Brick Tales. They are small, purple, and take up the space of a single pip. They are sloped on one side and have a small, circular hole on the front. You can discover these very early on in the game but it won’t be until near the end of the story that you’ll be able to use and interact with these purple blocks.

How To Use The Purple Blocks With Round Holes In LEGO Bricktales

Before you’re able to do anything with the purple bricks you need to reach the pirate world of the Caribbean. This is the 5th and final biome in LEGO Brick Tales. Once you have reached this location follow the story and complete the required builds until you’re told to explore the cave.

Once inside the cave, when looking for the parrot, you will find another power up for Rusty, this time it’s a purple power up. Once you have unlocked this ability you can let Rusty use it on the purple blocks.

Another Desert challenge tasks you with restoring an ancient mosaic for the queen. In this guide we show you How To Restore The Mosaic In LEGO Bricktales as unlike some of the other builds, there are no options here. You must build the mosaic exactly as the game desires in order to progress.
One of the first major objectives in the city has you building a fire escape. This guide on How To Build The Fire Escape In LEGO Bricktales will walk you through the process of arguably, one of the most challenging builds in the game. You need to construct a series of staircases down the side of a building to make a fire escape. Sounds easy.
In the Desert there is a complex puzzle locked within one of the pyramids. This guide on How To Solve The Pyramid Puzzle In LEGO Bricktales reveals quick tricks to help you get through the puzzle quickly and easily as while navigating is quite fast, there are a couple of key bits you can easily miss.
One of the Desert builds challenges tasks you with constructing a pyramid. This guide on How To Build The Perfect Pyramid In LEGO Bricktales tells you, brick by brick, what bricks need to be placed as although a pyramid seems a rather simple structure to make, the bottom level can be very frustrating at first.

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