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How To Use The Wells In Resident Evil Village

How To Use The Wells In Resident Evil 8 Village
When you interact with the Wells it gives you a message of “This needs some kind of other item”. In this guide on How To Use The Wells In Resident Evil Village we’ll tell you the item required to activate the wells, where you can find it, and what the wells do once activated.

You discover wells very early in Resident Evil Village, usually within the first hour or so. When you first arrive at the village, you will find wells that require some kind of other item to activate. Unfortunately, it’s going to be some time before you’re able to activate these. However, it does mean that you can move on from the village and not worry about missing anything or leaving something behind – you do return later in the game.

How To Use The Wells In Resident Evil 8 Village

How To Use The Wells In Resident Evil 8 Village
There’s a lot of stuff to do once you enter the castle. Puzzles, fights, chases, it’s manic and terrifying. During one of the many events in the castle, one that’s part of the story and cannot be missed, you will find an Iron Insignia Key. Once you have the key you need to return to the village to find the Well Wheel.

Find the Well Wheel

You can find the Well Wheel here, in this house near the South side of town. You cannot reach this area until you find the tool required to move the tractor out of your path. Once you’ve done that bit, head to this house and you will find the Well Wheel sitting atop a crate.

  • You cannot use wells on your first visit to the village
  • After you complete the castle area you return to the village with the Iron Insignia Key
  • After moving the tractor you can use the Iron Insignia Key to open a gate and gain access to the house
  • The Well Wheel is sitting atop a crate in the house.
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