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How To Use Throwing Knives In Cyberpunk 2077

How To Use Throwing Knives In Cyberpunk 2077
There is a Cool Stealth skill that unlocks throwing knives, but where are they? This guide on How To Use Throwing Knives In Cyberpunk 2077 explains everything about the Dagger Dealer skill, so you can use your new tools and equipment to take down enemies quickly, and quietly.

There are many different paths of progression in Cyberpunk 2077, each offering different bonuses and abilities to your character. The Cool Attribute tree focuses on Stealth and Cold Blood. There are a number of stealth upgrades, or Perks, that you can buy, one of which is the Dagger Dealer skill that reads “Allows you to throw knifes”. If you’re anything like me, perhaps you thought that meant you were given throwing knives, but not quite.

How To Use Throwing Knives In Cyberpunk 2077

How To Use Throwing Knives In Cyberpunk
As the skill reads, it just means you can throw knives. When you are in your inventory screen, select one of your weapons and then select the melee tab. You’ll find all the melee weapons you’ve gathered in your adventures in Night City, assuming you haven’t dismantled them all already.

So, how do you throw a knife. Simple. You equip a knife from your inventory, like you do any other weapon. Once you are holding the knife, hold the aim button (L2 on PlayStation, LT on Xbox). You then aim your knife. Aim at your target and throw the knife by pressing the fire button. The real killer here is that you do not get your knife back.

Whether you hit your target or you miss, your knife is lost forever. Even if you purchase a bunch more knives, you’re still going to run out much quicker than you can restock. We’d highly suggest you ignore this Perk altogether and maybe respec if you’ve wasted a lot of points already.

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