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How To Use Vehicles In Phoenix Point

How To Use Vehicles In Phoenix Point
Vehicles are a powerful addition to your team but how do they work? This guide explains How To Use Vehicles In Phoenix Point as there’s a few steps and mechanics you must follow and understand in order to use vehicles on missions and take them with you into battle.

First things first, you must actually own a vehicle. You do not start the game with a vehicle in Phoenix Point, but you can make one. Progress through the initial tutorial until you have completed it. You will be told it’s complete via a prompt on-screen. Then you can check your Manufacturing section. There’s a ton of new items in here. Check the vehicles tab and you should be able to construct a PX Scarab. You can also make another Manticore but they are travel vehicles only.

How To Use Vehicles In Phoenix Point

It’s quite a long process to manufacture a PX Scarab but once it’s done, you can add it to your team. Once the vehicle has been built you can choose where it is deployed. You need to make sure you go to that base. If you choose to deploy it to the original Phoenix Point base, make sure you’re in the correct location. Then, go to your Personnel tab. Vehicles tab up multiple slots on the Manticore so you need to ensure you have enough room.

For example, the PX Scarab takes up three slots on the Manticore. The default Manticore can only carry 6 slots worth of units. The Manticore takes up three, so if you don’t have at least three slots open, you will not be able to use the vehicle. Remove all of your team from your Manticore, add the PX Scarab, then add units afterwards.

A quick breakdown.

  • Build a vehicle in the Manufacturing section
  • Once built, deploy the vehicle at nearest Phoenix Point base
  • Head to the base, clear out the Manticore, add the vehicle in the Personnel tab

That’s How To Use Vehicles In Phoenix Point.

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