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How To Use Zipline Or Walk On Tight Rope In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You may have seen these yellow lines on the map that look like zipwires. This guide on How To Use Zipline Or Walk On Tight Rope In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 explains what you need to do to interact with these objects as it requires one of the games 4 unique Traversal Skills.

Unlocking all of the Traversal Powers provides access to many areas of the map that hides new items, hidden enemies, and vast new areas to explore. Most Traversal Powers are required to progress past certain points in the story but some of them can also be missed, if you don’t know where to look. If you want to interact with the ropes that you find scattered around the game world, you’re going to need a Traversal Power called Rope Sliding.

How To Use Zipline Or Walk On Tight Rope In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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The Rope Sliding Traversal Power is one of the Traversal Power’s that you cannot miss. It’s a reward given for progressing naturally through the story. Once you reach Chapter 3, following the main story objectives, you will eventually get a quest to recruit a new hero, Juniper. It’s partway through Chapter 3 but you can get there within an hour or so of getting to that chapter.

Once you get the Hero quest simply follow the objective marker to complete it. Once you have finished it Juniper will join your group as a Hero, unlocking a new class, and teaching you the Rope Sliding Traversal Power. Once you have the power learned you can return to the areas on the map, now marked, and use the Rope Sliding skill to reach new areas, which have always been marked on the map with long yellow lines.

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