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How To Wait To Pass Time In Starfield

Passing time allows you to wait for shops to restock without wasting time finding a bed. This guide on How To Wait To Pass Time In Starfield explains how the wait option works in Starfield as with other Bethesda games, it’s not found in a menu or tucked away on a screen somewhere.

As with previous Bethesda games, shopkeepers and their stock operate on a rotating basis. This means that after a set period of time, typically 24 hours, the shop will replenish its stock. Sometimes it gets more or less than it had the day before, but usually the items are the same.

How To Wait To Pass Time In Starfield

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Usually, you need to find a bed to sleep in to pass the time, which is sometimes difficult and far from your objective. Thankfully, waiting is much easier. You can simply find a chair, stall, bench, anything that has the sit option when you approach it. Then simply sit down and select how long you want to wait.

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