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How To Wall Jump In Dead Cells

How To Wall Jump In Dead Cells
Have you found vertical areas you can’t reach? It’s not quite what you expect but this guide will tell you How To Wall Jump In Dead Cells. There is no actual Wall Jump in Dead Cells, however, there is a wall climb that lets you scale vertical areas that you otherwise could not reach.

How To Wall Jump In Dead Cells

This one can be quite challenging, depending on your overall progress and potion count. Before you are able to climb vertical spaces, you need to unlock the Spider Rune. This special rune is a permanent buff, that once obtained, allows you to stick to walls and jump between two surfaces to reach higher levels.

You need to ensure you have the rune that lets you break floor tiles. Without that, you cannot reach the required area. You need to reach the Slumbering Sanctuary. There are two methods to do this, although one requires the Spider Rune, so you can’t get very far.

You first need to head to the Toxic Sewers. This entrance can be found in the very first area. From there you need to go to Ancient Sewers, then defeat the boss in Insufferable Crypt before finally reaching the Slumbering Sanctuary. Defeat the Elite Boss caster here and he will drop the Spider Rune, allowing you to climb vertical spaces without breaking a sweat.

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