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Hunted The Demons Forge Deathstone Guide Prologue

Hunted The Demons Forge Deathstone Guide Prologue

During the game Hunted The Demons Forge you will find items called Deathstones. The first Deathstone has you looking for some epic axe. The exact objective of the Deathstone is Solve the riddle of the Axe. Follow this guide to do so no problem.

Hunted the Demons Forge features tons of hidden treasures and Deathstones, but this one is really easy. This guide is set during the prologue and it is on the only dead body you can interact with. After you do so follow the path up the stairs and you will learn about a fury meter. After that fight of some skeletons no big deal.Once inside the room with a big circle in it you can break a pot to find a revival flask as well. Leave that room and head down the steps.

At the bottom of the steps you will find your first weapon rack as well. Break it and take the weapon if you want. Keep going forward. You will get to point where they tell you how to use health potions. In that room there is a weapon rack you can break if you want. Then head out the left door.

Once you get outside you will have to kill some bugs. No problem really just slash em down. Keep following the path and you will see the Axe out on a island. Once you get to the fire you can make the girl light her arrows. Once you do that look towards the arrow and hit the action button. She will light something up and you can get the Axe and solve your first Deathstone.

So there you have it your first Deathstone in Hunted the Demons Forge. Check back later for more guides and locations.

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