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Hunted The Demons Forge Deathstone Guide Chapter 1

Hunted The Demons Forge Deathstone Guide Chapter 1

The next Deathstone in Hunted The Demons Forge is in Chapter 1. It is a few minutes into the chapter so don’t expect to find it soon. This guide will tell you the location and what information it has well. You will have to do a bit of fighting before you get it. Let’s get started.

I’m doing these as I go so I may miss some but I wanted to get them up asap so people wouldn’t have to replay so much if they didn’t want to.

The first chapter of Hunted The Demons Forge is the town. In this town you find another Deathstone. You will come to a part where a lady will be screaming. The guy will say look on the balcony. The girl will say is there anyway up? Then the lady will die and the guy will say to late.

After that kill the Wargar then look to the left. In between the two houses you should see the dead body and your Deathstone. This Deathstone has no weapon it just tells you that the Wargar do not fear fire and that they should of broke their shields first. Just a bit of helpful information I guess.

The next Deathstone in Hunted The Demons Forge in chapter 1 is pretty far into the level. The location is after you blow up the big bridge. You will know you are almost there when a dying solider asks you to do so. Once it is blown up keep going up and you will run into an upgrade station. To the left of that is the next Deathstone. No weapon on this one. Moving on with the guide.

The next Deathstone is very shortly after saving the mayor. Keep going forward in the sewers until you find a pile of skulls. Check it for the Deathstone.

The next Deathstone Location in Chapter 1 is after you deal with the azure light puzzle. After you leave the underground you will come to a farm. Some enemies will bust out of the barn and you will kill them. You have two options go up or go out the other door once you go into the barn. Go out the other door to get the Deathstone location. Avoid the chickens I guess.

I’m not sure if you get a Deathstone from beat the boss or not but I’ll put it on here just in case.

That will end the Chapter 1 Deathstone location guide. Know one I missed? Let me know in the comments and I’ll put it on and give you credit. Moving on to chapter 2.

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