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Immortals Fenyx Rising Hidden Quests Guide

Immortals Fenyx Rising Hidden Quests Guide
There are secret hidden side quests scattered throughout the game. This Immortals Fenyx Rising Hidden Quests Guide will tell you where to find each of the Hidden Quests dotted throughout the landscape, as well as any additional information needed to help complete the quests.

Hidden Quests are side quests that are not displayed on your map until you have reached a specific location or completed a particular objective. Once you have discovered the Hidden Quest, it appears on your map much like any of the other quests in the game. Below is a list of all the Hidden Quests we have found, the location where they start, and any help completing those that require more than simply following objective markers.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Hidden Quests Guide

Oceans Of The Offspring (Valley of Eternal Spring)
Crazy Cupid Love (Valley of Eternal Spring)
Sight Unseen (Kings Peak)

We will continue to update this guide as we uncover more hidden quests.

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