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Immortals Fenyx Rising Missing Godly Powers Guide

Immortals Fenyx Rising Missing Godly Powers Guide
Certain puzzles require a specific Godly Power upgrade. This Immortals Fenyx Rising Missing Godly Powers Guide will tell you exactly what upgrade is required for a specific God Power so that you can unlock all of the tools you require to complete all of the challenges the game has to offer.

Depending on how much you explore compared to how much story you’ve completed, you can reach this roadblock very early in the game. It’s usually associated with specific pressure pads. Usually you can use rocks, logs, cubes, other heavy items to push down the pressure plate to activate the switch. However, certain pressure plates are out of reach of heavy items. So, what’s next? You need to unlock a certain upgrade in the Godly Powers tree.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Missing Godly Powers Guide

Immortals Fenyx Rising Missing Godly Powers Guide
You need to follow the main story before you can buy this upgrade. You need Phosphor. If you follow the main story, a few missions in, you will see a bird appear in the sky and fall to the ground. A new mission is unlocked and you’re told to track down the bird. Once you reach the objective there’s a few quests you have to complete but before long, Phosphor will join Fenyx on his journey.

At this point, open the skills menu back at base and you will see Phosphor has its own skill tree. The upgrade you need to buy is called Phosphor’s Clone. This allows Fenyx to create a clone of himself that can be used to hurt enemies, via throwing it at them, or placed onto pressure plates to solve specific puzzles.

There is one more specific ability that will help with puzzles, but there’s a good chance you will unlock it long before it’s required. It’s Heavy Lifting. It’s part of the Lifting tree and allows Fenyx to live heavier objects.

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