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Immortals Fenyx Rising Weapon Location Guide

Immortals Fenyx Rising Weapon Location Guide
Searching for the best weapons in Fenyx Rising? This Immortals Fenyx Rising Weapon Location Guide will tell you where to find all of the different weapons we’ve discovered on our journey through the game. Broken down area by area, so you can find what you need and move on to the next zone.

Clashing Rocks Armor Locations

Galewind (Bow)

Valley Of The Eternal Springs Weapon Locations

Forbidden Labrys (Axe)
Departed Shade (Sword)
Resistance (Bow)
Reforged Sword Of Achilles
Reforged Axe Of Atalanta
Reforged Bow Of Odysseus
Challenger Sword
Tempered Axe Of Atalanta
Tempest (Axe)
Wildfire (Axe)
Reflection (Bow)
Peacemaker Sword
Tempered Sword Of Achilles
Tempered Bow Of Odysseus

Grove Of Kleos Weapon Locations

Gleam Of Helios (Sword)
Deliberation (Bow)
Creation (Axe)

War’s Den Weapon Locations

Crystal Shadow Hammer
Whirlwind (Bow)
Eagle-Eye (Bow)
Inferno (Sword)

King’s Peak Weapon Locations

Temptress (Bow)

We will continue updating this guide as we discover more weapons in the game.

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