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How To Increase All Stats, Combat, Skills In Kingdom Come Deliverance

How To Increase All Stats, Combat, Skills In Kingdom Come Deliverance
Want to reach your milestones fast? Need to know how to increase a certain skill? This guide will tell you How To Increase All Stats, Combat, Skills In Kingdom Come Deliverance so you can focus on developing your character to fit your playstyle or quickly meet quest and activity objectives.

There are a variety of stats and perks you can level, improve and unlock in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Divided into three unique sections. Stats, Combat and Skills. Some are improved through repetition, others can be improved through training and reading. Below is a list, split into the different categories, containing each stat, combat and skill ability alongside information on what activities you must complete to raise that particular stat.

As well as the techniques listed below, skills can be improved through Training with certain NPC’s and reading books.

How To Increase Player Stats

How To Increase Strength

  • Strength is mostly improved through melee combat. Much faster when using blunt based weapons

How To Increase Agility

  • Agility is mostly improved through melee combat. Much faster when using stab or slice based weapons

How To Increase Vitality

  • Running, Horseriding and jumping are the best ways to improve Vitality

How To Increase Speech

How To Increase Charisma

  • Charisma is mostly tied to your current standing & reputation in the area alongside your equipment. Wear more expensive, clean, noble-like clothes.

How To Change Visibility

  • Visibility is based on clothing. Darker colors and lighter materials make you harder to see

How To Change Conspicuousness

  • The ability to blend in. Wearing a Knights armor among a group of beggars will make you stand out. Blend in with familiar clothing to those around you

How To Change Noise

  • Very similar to Speed. Wear light clothing and avoid anything metallic to reduce noise

How To Change Speed

  • Speed is based primarily on your carry weight and equipment. Wear light clothes and clear your inventory to improve your Speed.

How To Increase Combat Stats

How To Increase Defence

  • Blocking with your weapon or shield increases Defense. Perfect Blocks work much faster

How To Increase Warfare

  • Perfect Block, Flurry Attacks, Combinations Attacks. All of the pinnacle techniques increase Warfare – with any weapon

How To Increase Axe

  • Axe is increased when successfully attacking enemies wielding an axe

How To Increase Bow

  • Using a bow to shoot live targets, or winning Archery Range competitions

How To Increase Mace

  • Dealing blows with a Mace on live targets increases the experience points

How To Increase Sword

  • Using sword-based weapons increases your Sword Experience Points

How To Increase Unarmed

  • Unarmed is increased through combat without using a melee weapon

How To Increase Skill Stats

How To Increase Alchemy

How To Increase Drinking

  • You get Drinking experience points whenever you consume Alcohol or save using the Snaps.

How To Increase Herbalism

  • Gathering materials for Alchemy improves Herbalism. check the ground for mushroom, plants, that kind of thing

How To Increase Horsemanship

  • Horsemanship is increased through the riding of a horse. Whether you steal one or get a horse for free.

How To Increase Hunting

  • Killing animals with any weapon. Skinning or looting the animal also provides additional Hunting Experience Points

How To Increase Lockpicking

  • Lockpicking is improved through picking locks. You can learn lockpicking and then further it with additional training from NPCs

How To Increase Maintenance

  • Whenever you maintain your equipment. During early levels you must hone your sword, later levels you can use repair kits.

How To Increase Pickpocketing

How To Increase Reading

  • You can learn how to read. From there each book you read increases your Reading Experience Points.

How To Increase Stealth

  • Performing certain actions without being seen. Such as picking a lock, knocking out an enemy, killing someone from stealth with a bow

That’s everything you need to know for How To Increase All Stats, Combat, Skills In Kingdom Come Deliverance.

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