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Infamous 2 Beating The Behemoth

Infamous 2 Beating The Behemoth

The biggest boss thus far in Infamous 2 is called the Behemoth. Right away you see it open it’s chest and show two glowing orbs inside of it. Obviously those are it’s weak points.  Oh but it isn’t that easy because it has 3 more as well. Let’s get to the fight.

The Behemoth in Infamous 2 has a few moves but there is one key thing to this fight. Keep moving away from it. Do not engage in close combat or it will finish you off very quickly.

The Behemoth has 5 weak points. Two on it’s arms(when it puts them down), one in its mouth(you can shoot this one the most), and two in it’s chest(take it out when it opens up it’s chest). Once you destroy all 5 you will have killed it.

It has a few abilities and a one shot if you get to close. It can spit green stuff at you so avoid it when you can. It will also spawn tons of bigger swamp monsters so be sure to bring them down so you don’t get caught up and smashed. When it opens it’s chest some tentacles will come out and flail around trying to get you. Pretty simple to avoid most of them.

Don’t bother with all of your powers only use the basic attack on the purple spots to do the most damage with no much risk. Use everything you want on the other swamp monsters though bringing them down quicky is the key to victory here.

The militia will come and shoot the boss. Don’t worry they aren’t worried about you.

Be sure to focus on the weak spots when they open up or else the fight will drag on and on.

The will end the Infamous 2 Behemoth boss guide. After that you will get an interesting cut scene and it will be time to move on. Check back later for more guides and the review.

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